At Enoil Bioenergies we have developed a unique way to work with, and develop partnerships with world class individuals, groups, and investors. Our Unique model has been developed in order to achieve the best possible results for all parties. We believe that although we have developed exceptional and unique technology it is imperative to have a local partner with a local presence and knowledge for the territory that Enoil Bioenergies as a Group is expanding into. We endeavor to form a partnership with an individual, group or investor which possesses local knowledge, experience, and expertise, while Enoil provides not only access to our wealth of experience developed over years, but our full suite of industry knowhow, IP, and access to staff. We do not only look for financial partners but true operators in their territory with specialized knowledge or access to markets, distribution, regulation and business, while Enoil provides a turnkey solution which includes all materials for a full laboratory and factory buildout, software, training, and ongoing maintenance in order to supply microalgae demand.


Most sustainability leaders recognize that one company cannot reach its goals alone. Synergetic partnerships and professional providers are crucial to success. Collaborations are happening in all kinds of industries. To create a new business model must happen at a systemic level, which will happen only if all major players commit to participate and collaborate. We will set clear goals for the collaborations, which can be tracked and measured. Transparent and clear agreements are crucial. We are focused involving the right partners with the right expertise and core competencies.

Your advantages :

  • Real Investment in the bio economy.
  • Impact investing on the future generations.
  • Microalgae market is on an exponential growth.
  • Perovskite Solar Energy is on the beginning of the solar industry revolution.
  • Developing clean projects for a better environmental.

Certified Auditor

DUCHOSAL BARNEY SA is the official financial auditor of Enoi Bioenegies SA.
Founded in 1881, Duchosal Berney SA is the oldest trustee in Geneva. They’re certified public accountants.

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Duchosal Berney
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T +41 58 234 92 00

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Enoil Bioenergies SA

Enoil Bioenergies SA is an Advanced Biotechnology and Renewable Energy company registered in Switzerland.

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Certified Auditor
Duchosal Berney SA

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Enoil Bioenergies Italy SPA is an Advanced Biotechnology and Renewable Energy company registered in Italy.

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Enoil Bioenergies SA

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